Our Story

...Keeping The African Promise!

Behind our mouthwatering-delicious-ready-to-eat meals, is an amazing story of creating wealth for women all over Ghana.

From the farmlands of hardworking women smallholder farmers in rural communities all over the country, we are committed to becoming a ready market for these hardworking women who break their backs underneath the scorching African sun to be able to lift their families out of poverty. Fresh and organic farm produce are delivered to our central kitchen on a periodic basis to ensure that your meals are healthy and nourishing, thanks to our hardworking women farmers.

Serving you every day with an unflinching smile and unrelenting passion every day, our team of young girls is determined to be the standard for excellent customer service. Having migrated to the urban centers in search of greener pastures, our team is reminded that you are the one making it possible for them to earn dignifying incomes.

So any time you choose our meals, whether light or heavy, remember that you are a part of CitiFoods story which is a promise to support a poor family back home and to help prevent a young girl from returning to the clutches of organized crimes such as prostitution or human trafficking.

...Keeping The African Promise; One woman at a Time!

Our Vision

To become the leading food service company providing ready-to-eat meals and related services in the West Africa sub region.

Our Mission

We pledge to nourish and delight our customers by delivering/selling coordinated catering services in a fast and friendly environment.

Our Values

  • Customer Focus: We take our customers seriously and break our backs to ensure that they are satisfied wherever they experience the CitiFoods service. Our customers are the defining point for the business, therefore, we are careful to exceed the customers’ expectation at all times because they are critical to the success of the CitiFoods’ brand.
  • Consistency: Our goal is to maintain our determined standards of quality at all times for as long as the company exists. Across all our locations, we strive to be consistent in our colors, service, taste and all other touch points of the CitiFoods brand.
  • Responsibility: We choose to be responsible in our dealings with our customers and suppliers. Since our products and services are nutrition and health-focused, We want our clients to trust us because we will act in honesty and do what is right.
  • Supporting Our Local Economy: We consciously want to be positioned as the brand supporting local economies.  And we want our customers to understand that we are committed to redistributing wealth by sourcing for fresh organic produce from farmlands belonging to rural women farmers and providing decent job opportunities for young girls/women.

Our Team

Madam Fiona

Head Chef / Kitchen Matron